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Hiring a guide is a common way to maximize time available to ride trails when visiting a new mountain biking destination. After a couple past experiences with guide services while traveling, TrailPilot co-founder Mark Marsiglio was inspired to make a new product that would benefit not only himself, but the greater mountain biking community. He created a product that provides an audio-only experience utilizing GPS to keep your ride going smoothly, instead of using maps (paper or digital), constantly taking out your phone, and feeling lost.

“Planning and researching for a mountain biking trip can be intimidating – and there’s always a risk of making a mistake in planning out your experience,” Marsiglio said, “but with TrailPilot’s real-time audio guidance, you’ll be riding like a local.”

In order to enjoy TrailPilot on your mountain bike, you will need:

  • A recent iPhone. TrailPilot has tested with iPhone 6s and newer.
  • Earphones or a speaker. TrailPilot recommends one wireless earbud. Please be aware of your surroundings.
  • Location services enabled while using the app.

This free product is currently only available for iOS, but an Android version is in the works and will be available soon. TrailPilot is privacy-focused. You don’t have to make an account using your email address, and GPS is only utilized during active app use.

Screenshots of the TrailPilot app

First, join the growing group of 5,000 riders and download TrailPilot from the app store. Enable location services while using the app to ensure the best experience. View tours in Bentonville and Bella Vista with details like mileage, elevation change, and a thorough description. Once you download the tour, it’s time to get started! Your tour guide will talk you through where to ride, waypoints to look for, directions, and pointers along the way. Because TrailPilot uses precise GPS, you don’t have to ride at a certain speed. The tour will keep up with you based on your pace.

Launched in June 2020, TrailPilot not only was created to guide riders directionally following a route, but also keeps safety in mind. It’s vital that someone riding a trail for the first time knows there’s a drop or gap jump and if there’s a b-line. Guides giving the audio tours in TrailPilot make sure to call out these features before arriving to them, so riders know what’s coming and how to best approach a feature.

TrailPilot is always looking for riders to create tours, especially if you’re an expert at a certain route, speak Spanish, or ride an e-bike.

“Having locals create tours is especially helpful because small tips make a big difference,” Marsiglio says. “For example, a local might know to say that a certain loop is universally more enjoyed ridden clockwise instead of counter-clockwise.”

If you’re interested in partnering with TailPilot to make a tour, fill out this form to get in contact.

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