City Lake – Siloam Springs

Bad Weather Route:

The trail on the northside of Taylor Orchard Rd is 3.2 miles of trail that drains like a bathtub. It’s rideable in a rainstorm with the exception of the Simons Decent flow trail.

City Lake trail system is north of Siloam Springs on the City Lake property owned by the City of Siloam Springs. There are 3 trails that add up to 3.2 miles of punchy climbs, flowing singletrack and fun descents. Add in a few alternate lines that you can mix in to get some air. When you finish the loop turn around to ride the opposite direction and it feels like a whole new 3.2 miles. On the west side of the property, Simons Descent begins at the top of the hill and is sure to make you smile. With a large starting deck, several rollers, a step up, nice bermed corners a couple of wall rides and finishing off with an option to pick your drop back into the lot, this trail packs a lot of features. If you choose you can continue across Taylor Orchard Rd (to the south) and ride The Enchanted Forest trail down to the 505’ long elevated canopy boardwalk for fantastic views of the watershed. Continuing on the Enchanted Forest will lead you to the ADA trail which makes a loop around the field and leads to the Bicycle Skills Course and paved pump track.

Insider Tips:

To access the 505’ canopy boardwalk in wet conditions, use Taylor Orchard Rd. The south side will be muddy.

Nearby Trails:

  • Sager Creek Trail System (JBU)
  • Lincoln Lake
  • Lake Wedington