Devil’s Den State Park

Devil’s Den State Park is an iconic park in the Arkansas State Park system. It’s huge rock formations, caves, creek, and Civilian Conservation Corp legacy conjure unmatched, engaging terrain. Stop in the Visitors’ Center to talk with Assistant Park Superintendent, the Godfather of Arkansas Mountain Biking, Tim Scott to recount the first mountain bike festivals and downhill escapades. Fossil Flats trail was the passion project of Tim Scott after he was inspired in the early 1980s by a mountain bike festival he attended in a little place called Crested Butte, Colorado. Tim knew he had the terrain and grit (singletrack trail building was all by hand then) to create a truly special destination in his park. The Mountain Bike Festival has been happening in the park for over 30 years now.
The trail system offers 3, 4.2, or 6-mile options in its stacked loop system. The shortest loop is the 3 mile Outlaw Loop. It is very beginner-friendly, the most difficult part is the crossing over the rock creek bed about 1.5 miles in. If you’re riding clockwise, the Sawmill Loop picks up where the Outlaw turns right and adds a good doubletrack climb with plenty of loose rock for added tech challenge. You can continue on the Sawmill with a turn to the right about a mile in or take that next mighty left up Racer’s Hill. Racer’s Hill will put you back onto Sawmill Loop will which put you back onto the Outlaw Loop as you ride back south.

Insider Tips:

  • Park at the Campsite A Trailhead. This is Arkansas state’s original mountain bike trail. Come expecting a  mix of the old school character and new school contoured flow.
  • Weather at Devil’s Den State Park is volatile and the park sits in a canyon. If it is pouring rain, it’s best come back another day. There are a couple creek crossings and those become dangerous in rain.

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