Adaptive Riding in Northwest Arkansas

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​OZ Trails is one of the few places in the U.S. where you can ride from your doorstep to the trailhead without having to use a car. Taking the next step, we believe that building an accessible, adaptive-friendly trail network creates a more diverse and vibrant community in OZ. We are thrilled to work with great community partners like Trailblazers to continue welcoming adaptive riders to Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas for years to come.

What is adaptive mountain biking (AMTB): AMTB encompasses a broad range of riders who cannot ride a standard 2-wheel mountain bike and require adapted equipment and trails to suit their abilities. There can be numerous needs for an adaptive bike due to accidents and injuries, deformed or missing limbs, cognitive impairments, and more. Equipment can drastically differ based on different injuries and abilities. Three-wheeled off-road handcyles are most common, but there are several different types of adaptive bikes as well.

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Trailblazers, together with consultants like Jeremy McGhee, are working to create opportunities for riders of all abilities to enjoy mountain biking trails in Northwest Arkansas. Currently, their focus lies in Bentonville and Bella Vista.

“I feel stuck and disconnected from nature because life in a wheelchair is relegated to the pavement, but my bike enables me to explore wild spaces and Trailblazers has worked hard on making sure a lot of their trails are adaptive friendly,” Jeremy said.

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Trails are Rated as AMTB 1-3.

This rating system is typically based off one question: Do I need a support rider?


No obstacles exist. Wide enough. Can be ridden confidently solo.


Obstacles exist. You may or may not be able to ride this solo. Support rider recommended.


Major obstacles exist. You will not be able to ride this solo. Support rider needed.


Bike Shops Who Work on Adaptive Bikes

The following bike shops are confirmed to service adaptive bikes.

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