Little Sugar

The hollers and ravines on the west side of Bella Vista have also been opened up to the exploration of the new Little Sugar trail system. The current 40-mile open network takes trail users under bluffs along Sugar Creek and to a waterfall on Tanyard Creek as it wraps its way around Windsor and Avalon Lakes. Expect plenty of switchbacks and berms, as well as more advanced features like drops and jumps that have been generously sprinkled in throughout the system. You should also be prepared to stop and take in the lakes, creeks, waterfalls, caves, and other nooks and crannies found along the trail system that will make you forget you’re just an Uber call away from your home or car in the event of a flat tire. Be ready to use those climbing legs, too. The descents are a roller coaster, but you have to earn them. You’ll also pass through several tunnels built out of ten-foot diameter pipes. Like the Back 40, the Little Sugar is made up of an outer loop and several other trails that cut through the middle to give riders plenty of options for routes. 

Unlike the Back 40, the Little Sugar trail system is your go-to all-weather trail system.  There’s also more climbing per mile than anywhere in the Northwest Arkansas area.