Hand Cut Hollow

Technical hand-built trails await you at Hand Cut Hollow in Northeast Bentonville. The Traverse Loop surrounds the downhill hub and spans 7 miles and has a note-worthy amount of tight switchbacks to overcome – approximately 75! Ride it up to the downhill hub and experience the thrill of gravity when you choose from 7 downhill lines:

  • My Hero Zero (blue)
  • The Body Machine (blue)
  • Interplanet Janet (blue)
  • Mother Necessity (green downhill; also serves as the return trail)
  • School House Rock (black)
  • No More Kings (black)
  • Ready Or Not (blue)

Climb back up Mother Necessity and do it all again until your downhill itch has been sufficiently scratched. For a bigger challenge, come face to face with Zone 4, a difficult set of technical features. On this section rated black diamond, riders can expect chunky rocks, large flyover bridges, and other demanding features and obstacles. It’s so hard, trials World Champion Kenny Belaey can barely make it through without putting a foot down! You’ll also find several larger-than-life art pieces along the trails at Hand Cut Hollow.


Parking locations:


Hand Cut Hollow trails were designed and are managed by Trailblazers. Trail construction companies who contributed to the Hand Cut Hollow trails include:

  • Rock Solid Trail Contracting
  • Progressive Trail Design
  • Q-6 Trails
  • Hand-cut Trails, LLC
  • The Woodsmen
  • Rogue Trails
  • Trailblazers
  • Single Track Trails

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