Coler MTB Preserve

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve is built on land designated as a mountain bike preserve about a mile west of downtown Bentonville. Although you might think you are in the backcountry of the Ozarks while riding Coler, the trails are actually located about two miles west of downtown Bentonville. The trails feature multiple flowy jump lines, challenging technical rocky sections and several huge gap jumps.

Phase 1 culminates at the spectacular “Hub” near the top of the mountain, a 20-foot-tall steel-and-wood structure that guides riders to the start of three downhill runs. From there, you can choose which trail to take and the level of difficulty. If you are an expert level downhill or enduro rider, try Cease and Desist. It features the “Drop the Hammer” — a double black alternate line featuring a 12-foot drop into a valley setting you up for 10-foot step-up jumps and two more large drops.

If you love a rocky technical trail, then try out Rock Solid – a super technical trail with, you guessed it, rocky goodness. Coler is now the state’s most challenging enduro-style jump trail system.

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Map of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve