Marble Flats

“If you can’t get enough of the trails Jagged Axe Trail Designs built at the Passion Play in Eureka Springs, just jump across Magnetic Drive from the Passion Play entry gates to an area known as Marble Flats. There you’ll find a five-mile trail system packed with three short, but memorable downhill runs a skills area, and a bridge you’ll want to snap a photo of. To get to the main hub, you’ll have to take a jaunt down Happy Little Trail, which is exactly what it sounds like with wavy rollers and an optional gravity cavity step-up. From there take the hub connector to get to the Phthalo Green, Prussian Blue, and Midnight Black downhill lines.

Phthalo Green is the beginner line with lots of rollers and swooping berms that eventually drop you into the skills area, which includes a variety of rock piles and wooden skinnies to keep things interesting. On the intermediate line called Prussian Blue, you’re in for tight switchbacks, catch berms, and chunky bits of rock. More experienced riders should also check out Midnight Black, which includes jumps and a wooden berm that curves around a massive boulder, making this another spot you’ll want to remember with a photo or video. The Joys of Riding, Beauty is Everywhere and Happy Little Trail Climb will take you back to the hub or connect you to the Passion Play, which makes it easy to link the two trail networks together into one epic ride.”

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Eureka Marble Flats Map