An elevated wood feature on the side of a mountain bike trail.

Rogers, Arkansas is typically known for its shopping, charming yet modern downtown area, and numerous landmarks registered on the National Register of Historic Places. You can also find riding for various skill levels and end up spending hours on your bike in Rogers.

Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area

Lookout onto Beaver Lake.

Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area spans across more than 12,000 acres. There is a 54-mile trail system which is ADA accessible and open to bikers, hikers, and horseback riders. There are also 11 primitive campsites.

Some highlights include:

  • Karst Loop, an 7.8-mile green-rated trail, is an Arkansas State Monument Trail named after the water soluble limestone, karst, found along the trail. Bike riders must travel the loop counter-clockwise, and hikers must travel the loop clockwise. Take a break halfway through at the Beaver Lake lookout to take a dip into the water or just enjoy the scenery. If you’re looking for more mileage, add on Wolf Den West (2.3 miles) and Wolf Den East (2.2 miles).
  • Little Clify Loop, an 8-mile blue-rated trail. It’s recommended to take this loop counter-clockwise. If you’re looking for more mileage, add on the Dutton Hollow and Bashore Ridge Loops.
  • Sawtooth and Timberjack: flowy downhill only lines (pedestrians and horses are not allowed on downhill trails).




Lake Atalanta

Lake Atalanta is a 236-acre park which includes the Railyard Bike Park. It’s a gem for the whole family! You can ride/run/hike the dirt trails or take the 2-mile boardwalk running along the circumference of the lake. Kids can play on the numerous playgrounds, or simply enjoy the paved greenway that goes from the Rail Yard to the lake. Make an entire day out of going to Lake Atalanta by bringing a picnic to enjoy under a pavilion with picnic tables. The recently-updated dirt trails are flowy and now full of lush foliage.

The Railyard Bike Park yields sensational riding as many people of all ages come here to practice their tricks and more advanced skills. A variety of elements across the 8 jump lines yield a great time to any level rider. You’ll find people doing tricks with no hands, flips, and blitzing through berms. There’s also a kid-specific area mostly meant for balance bikes.

Collage at Railyard Bike Park

The whole group will have a blast riding in Rogers. Check out their restaurants, breweries, and more while you’re there.


Stevie Emmons

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