Name: Rob Grunnagle

We recently interviewed local Oz Trailer, Rob Grunnagle of Ozark Cycling Adventures. Check out his Q&A below!

How long have you been riding? I started mountain biking back in 2000 after I broke my collarbone and gained about twenty pounds due to inactivity. I thought riding a bike would be a great way to get myself going again. Who knew I would fall in love with it and ride almost 5 days a week for the last 16 years!

What’s your favorite Oz Trail? Oh man, depends on my mood! Right now I’m really digging The Back 40. It is still so new and unexplored in my mind. Kessler for the days that I really want to be challenged on the bike. I like riding it with folks who are better bike handlers than me. It’s fun to try and keep up and get pushed out of my comfort zone.

Camp out or cabin? When I was younger camp for sure. Now that I’m older and more established splitting a cabin with my closest buds is the ticket. But for the most part, I’m lucky enough to walk out my door and jump on the bike and ride some of these incredible trails!

Tire size? Right now I’m running 29er’s with 2.4’s. I’m on a super light XC hardtail so I use the added tire volume from the 2.4’s for grip and I really like to run low pressure for added suspension.

Dream place to ride outside of Arkansas?New Zealand. One of the most wonderful and beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I didn’t ride on that trip because I was too busy trying to get engaged to my wife! Now I need to go back to ride!

What are you most excited about happening during the IMBA World Summit?I am most excited about helping folks traveling here for the summit to have a great experience on the Oz Trails. I love where I am from and really excited to have opportunities to share that with everybody!