Founded in 1917 and incorporated in 2007, Bella Vista, Arkansas, is a unique and beautiful city. Home to nearly 30,000 residents, Bella Vista sits at the northwest point of Arkansas, bordering Missouri. The city plays a key role in the Northwest Arkansas metropolitan area alongside Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville.

With three OZ Trails systems, The Back 40, Blowing Springs Park, and Little Sugar, there is plenty of adventure in Bella Vista. The city’s name, Bella Vista, means “beautiful view” in Spanish, and if you have ever visited, you know this name rings true for its 36,000-acres of land.

New sights available to visit on the trails in Bella Vista include Bella Insta, Blowing Springs Gear Garden, and Clank.

Enjoy a refreshing drink from the Gear Garden after a long ride through Blowing Springs. This small but friendly operation is open Wednesday through Sunday from 2 p.m. to dusk. Just a few yards over from the Gear Garden is a beautiful freshwater spring that is sure to cool you off.

Artists Mike and Steve Abb refurbished an old shipping container to create a fun location for people to grab a beer, wine, snacks, and gear while ending their day of riding or camping.

On the other side of the highway, off Chelsea Road, is Bella Insta. A sculpture hugging the sides of the Tweety Bird Trail access tunnel to Little Sugar mimics a hand taking a picture with a camera. The artist, Stephen R Feilbach, installed a game camera into the sculpture that captures cyclists riding through the trail.

The Little Sugar trail system has more than 50 miles of mountain biking and hiking trails. These trails range from beginner to advanced. A part of the Tunnel Vision Loop, Bella Insta brings an exciting element to the trail.

A few streets over from Lake Bella Vista sits a giant robot named Clank. Artist Jason Jones built Clank from steel and other metals he soldered together. Jones says he would often go to flea markets and thrift stores to purchase old scenic paintings. Jones would paint robots into the landscapes to add his touch to them. Mike Abb, Creative Director at Runway Group, encouraged Jones to bring one of these robots to life, which resulted in bringing Clank to Bella Vista.

This robot sits at 18-feet tall and has a wingspan of 40 feet! Clank also has a screen built into his chest that plays a video encouraging citizens of earth to live sustainably. Clank is open to the public for viewing, and the robot is especially popular with children.

Whether you’re planning a camping trip or looking for an epic trail to ride, consider visiting Bella Vista. Along with the natural beauty of the city, there are plenty of works of art along each trail.