When to ride the Oz Trails (spoiler: we’re open year-round).
We are very fortunate to have year-round riding here in the Ozark Mountains. While we do experience cold temperatures in January/February, they usually don’t stick around very long. For example, it is 71 degrees as I type this! The forecast is in the 60’s for the rest of this week and back down to the 50’s next week. You know as well as I do these temps are ideal for mountain biking. Meanwhile, other ride centers are closed during the winter months!

We have that covered too! The average precipitation for February/March is about 3 inches. Even when we do get rain most of our trail systems drain very well. In fact, you can ride Hobbs (Rogers) in the rain!
Want Variety?
We have so much variety in our trail systems. If you want a true cross-country style trail system, then check out Hobbs and Back 40 (Bella Vista). If you want a mix of everything, check out Leatherwood in Eureka Springs. Technical trail you say? Check out Kessler (Fayetteville) and Lincoln Lake (Lincoln). You will find some good old fashioned chunky rocks and roots on those trails! If you are looking for something truly remote and epic, then Upper Buffalo near Red Star is where it’s at. With over 200 miles (and counting) of trails, we have what you are looking for.

So what are you waiting for?
The Oz Trails are calling.