Bentonville leaders stake a claim as Mountain Biking Capital of the World.

“It’s true that Bentonville has become the new Mountain Biking Capital for the World,” says Mayor Stephanie Orman. “Over the past decade, our community has built a reputation among mountain biking enthusiasts and athletes as the premier global destination for the sport.” The trails’ supportive amenities, infrastructure, and innovative trail network secure Bentonville’s rightful place as the crown jewel among all other premier locations around the world. “We’re the heart of the trailhead in the Ozarks, and headquarters to the most innovative mountain bike trail designs built anywhere.”

Industry insiders and mountain bikers have used words such as “Mecca, Disneyland, Perfect, and Gold” in describing the mountain bike trails and Bentonville.  Only a block away from downtown there is immediate access to the best rides any novice or expert rider could hope to find. The world-class experience did not come through happenstance, it took a concerted effort by the community and its leaders along with a clear vision and a foundation for what was possible.

“A lot of credit goes to the City of Bentonville’s leaders,” said Tom Walton, co-founder of RUNWAY Group, a lifelong Bentonville patron, and avid mountain biking enthusiast. “From the outset of our shared vision to transform our city as a mountain biking paradise unique from other destinations, the city government and community leaders provided the support and balanced leadership we needed to help make the dream become a reality.”

Bentonville has more than 40 miles of trails, plus another 150 miles of an unrivaled regional trail network, chock full of adventure and scenic breaks along the way. The expanding hospitality opportunities – bolstered by award-winning restauranteurs, a vibrant coffee scene, and a boom of daring and bold craft brewers – offers locals and visitors serious business while on their bikes, albeit fun, charming and a memorable impression.

“Bentonville is the birthplace of a modern mountain biking landscape, much like a ski town is out West, only we’ll be riding all four seasons,” said Visit Bentonville Executive Director Kalene Griffith. “Just after one day of visiting here and you’ll quickly learn why there’s no other place quite like Bentonville.”

Everything you could want is within a short ride from the trails; whether it’s lodging, restaurants, drinks, or art museums. The local economy has embraced Bentonville’s role as a leader in mountain biking tourism and has developed and attracted a number of quality bike shops, rental and retail vendors, bike guides, and manufacturers, along with professional riders and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Scientists have proven a direct correlation between human exposure to outdoor spaces and well-being,” shared Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Graham Cobb. “The mountain bike trails of Bentonville organically weave the outdoors into our everyday lives.  Top economic talent flocks here, so they can ride world-class, purpose-built single-track from their front porch to their office door.  We’ve redefined rush-hour.”

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