Many things separate the Mountain Biking Capital of The World from other popular cycling destinations, weather being one of them. With little snow and mild ice conditions during the winter, cyclists are able to ride 12 months out of the year in Northwest Arkansas. As the winter season quickly approaches, cyclists across the country are gearing up for indoor training or fat tire biking. In Northwest Arkansas, however, we’re not ready to say goodbye to our daily rides.

If you plan to ride the trails during December, January, or February, be cautious of colder temperatures and use these safety tips when cold weather hits:

  • Wear windproof and warm layers, but try to avoid fleeces or too many waterproof layers since you will be sweating—you don’t want to be too hot. Remember: Start cool, end warm. Start warm, end hot! If you know you’ll start to sweat through your clothes, bring a backpack to stuff your unwanted layers into!
  • Invest in a good pair of gloves and overshoes to keep your hands and feet warm, these two areas are susceptible to freezing first. If you can’t afford toe covers, some cyclists keep their toes toasty by wrapping them in foil or bread bags!
  • Front bike lights are easy to find at most bike shops and are good to have in the event you start to lose light on the trail.
  • Wear a neck gaiter that you can pull over your mouth and nose to warm your face.

Thankfully, with proper attire, cold weather riding in Northwest Arkansas is relatively manageable. Riding through challenging weather can be tiring but very rewarding. So just like you would any other season of the year, pack some snacks, water, and a good attitude! After your ride, stop in at one of these local establishments in Bentonville, Arkansas for a warm drink!

–       Airship Coffee is a great stop to make during your rides at Coler!
–       The Meteor provides everything you’d want in a cafe from hot coffee to cold local beer!
–       Another great gathering place for all cycling lovers, The Hub is just a few blocks from the Bentonville Square!
–       Onyx is a Bentonville staple! Make sure to pick up some coffee to-go the next time you head out on the trails.

Weather conditions will continue to be updated daily for the various trails throughout Northwest Arkansas on the OZ Trails website. We hope to see you on the trails this winter!