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Mountain bike maintenance is more than keeping your chain clean, tires aired up, and brakes functioning. Suspension upkeep is also a vital part of riding -and having an enjoyable and safe time on- your mountain bike. Suspension only started becoming popular in the 1990s but has seen big improvements and a rise in popularity ever since.

OZ Suspension Solutions in Bentonville, Arkansas is a prime place to take bikes for suspension service. After living in Tulsa, moving Bentonville, and working different jobs, brothers Dylan and David Pilgrim opened OZ Suspension Solutions in May 2022. They’re on a mission to provide high quality service to the variety of high quality bikes they see come through. They do this in-part thanks to high-end, specialty tools such as a vacuum bleed machine and a nitrogen fill system. Dylan has also obtained the highest level of service certification from Barnett’s Bicycle Institute.

What sets OZ Suspension Services apart from a regular bike shop? OZ Suspension is a service-oriented shop; they mostly work on bikes, not sell bikes.

The most popular services offered include:

  • Mid-season suspension service
  • Full season suspension service
  • Mid-season suspension + tune-up service
  • Full season overhaul

Dylan and David recommend being proactive and getting suspension serviced (or at least checked) every 100 hours of riding. “It will save you a lot of money in the long run to stay ahead of the maintenance,” David said.

In addition to serving customers, Dylan and David are passionate and intentional about building community around e-bikes. They firmly believe riding e-bikes is the most efficient (and fun) way to experience the maximum amount of trails possible on a visit – or even just a local’s regular Saturday. OZ Suspension Solutions offers e-bike rentals and even has a deal (15% off) for those whose bikes they’re working on. They plan to grow their e-bike rental fleet next year. Follow their Facebook and Instagram for announcements on group rides, gatherings, and other events.

Dylan says the best part of working with his brother is that “we have each other’s back. We know what’s in the company’s best interest and trust each other.” This is not the first time the siblings have worked together; their father owned a business where they both worked. They have also worked at various shops in Northwest Arkansas together.

Aside from dropping in at 400 N Walton Blvd., you’ll also find OZ Suspension Solutions supporting local events like Bentonville Bike Fest, Outerbike, and swap meets. The winter months are a prime time to get suspension serviced. Appointments are recommended at OZ Suspension Solutions and can be made by calling 479-367-2892. OZ Suspension Solutions looks forward to providing you the highest quality service to get and keep you riding smoothly, safely, and comfortably!


Stevie Emmons

After living in Frisco, Texas, for nearly 15 years, Stevie and her husband, Joe, moved to Bentonville in 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas and has five years of marketing experience in tourism and economic development. Her personal interests include photography, cooking, and all things dog-related. She and her husband spend their free time riding mountain bike trails, watching movies, and enjoying time on the patio at their favorite restaurants.