This is the mission statement of the Friends of Arkansas Singletrack (FAST). The volunteer-based organization and chapter members of IMBA share their passion for the sport and our trails regularly through “Trail Love” volunteer opportunities. They are leading the growth of off- road cycling in Northwest Arkansas. We had the opportunity to catch up with club president Lindsay Custer to find out more about these Wizards of Oz.

How did you get involved with FAST?
My journey into mountain biking started in 2010. Although I didn’t have any friends who mountain biked before I started, I loved snowboarding and wanted something local that would give me that same adrenaline rush, so I bought a bike! I started off riding alone, but slowly met other local mountain bikers out on the trail who encouraged me to get involved with FAST. As a newbie who didn’t know a ton of riders, Dale and Angie were very encouraging and welcoming. I went to a few work days and started getting more and more involved. I loved the people, the camaraderie, and the amazing purpose of FAST and I knew that I wanted to help that move forward.
What are some of the challenges FAST faces? 

Finding the time to do all the fun stuff we want to do is a great challenge! As a group of volunteers with day jobs, families, etc.,, it is often hard to pull off all the great ideas our group has.

What other events throughout the year can people get involved in?
We have weekly group rides every Wednesday night. We ride different trails each week starting at 6 p.m. Splitting into two or three groups so there is a level of riding for everyone – we won’t leave anyone behind! Follow our Facebook page or check out our website to follow where we are riding each week. We also host Trail Love trail maintenance events as needed. During the riding season it is about one per month. In addition to these weekly and monthly events we promote the Epic spring and fall rides every year. Come on out and ride!
How does someone get involved with FAST? Become a member and come to our monthly meeting! These meetings are always the last Tuesday of the month. We hang out, eat some grub, and talk about what is going on with FAST. You can get involved with what fits your skill set the best. These meetings are posted on our Facebook page and website.
What is your favorite Oz Trail? Currently, I cannot get enough of the Back 40! Each time I ride out there I get a completely different experience by creating new loops. It definitely never gets old!
Favorite place to eat after shredding? Pedaler’s Pub. Yum!