An ebike stands in a bike rack with an OZ E-bikes sign hanging on the wall behind it.

Photo by OZ E-bikes

Did you know OZ Trails in Northwest Arkansas are e-mountain bike friendly? With 500+ miles of OZ Trails in Northwest Arkansas, e-bikes are a great option for maximizing your time spent riding. They’re a useful tool for people who may not otherwise ride due to their fitness, age, or inconvenience, and are a catalyst in increasing access to the outdoors. If you only have a weekend to spend in OZ, an e-bike can help you get the most out of your trip. 

Arkansas is among 26 states that have created a three-tiered e-bike class system. Class 1 e-bikes are allowed on OZ Trails. Class 3 e-bikes are only allowed on roads. 

  • Class 1 – a bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph 
  • Class 2 – a bicycle equipped with a motor that may be used exclusively to propel the bicycle, and that is not capable of providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph
  • Class 3 – a bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches 28 mph and is equipped with a speedometer 

“Riding an e-bike is an awesome way to explore the land of OZ as there is so much to see, and riders often miss the opportunity to check out all that we have to offer,” OZ E-bikes co-owner Sean Morrisson said. “It doesn’t mean you have to solely ride an e-bike while you are here, but it’s a great way to get a lay of the land and see more in way less time!” 

E-bike leaning against a metal fence with trees and bushes

On the Crystal Bridges trail next to Masterpiece


While there’s not a bad place to enjoy an e-bike ride, there are a few places I find them to be extra helpful such as the Back 40, Little Sugar, Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, and any other place you’ll be climbing a return trail such as Huntley Gravity Zone or Lake Leatherwood.

After my first time riding an e-mountain bike, I realized just how much I was missing out on. I’m not as fast of a rider as my friends, so riding an e-bike allows me to keep up with them and cover more distance than I would riding my regular mountain bike. I don’t get as tired nearly as quickly, so I can spend several hours out on the trails on an e-bike. Here are some tips for when riding an e-mountain bike: 

  • Riding an e-bike can make you feel invincible, but always use caution and ride within your normal limits. 
  • You won’t quite be working as hard, so make sure to consume plenty of water and food to stay fueled, even when it feels like you don’t need it. 
  • In the cooler months, keep an extra layer or wind vest in your pack in case you feel cold. Your body temperature won’t rise as much since you won’t be working as hard. 
  • E-mountain bikes are notably heavier than standard mountain bikes and more difficult to load onto a rack or onto a truck.  

A mountain bike rider walks their red e-mountain bike on the trail.

Here is a list of places where you can rent an e-mountain bike for your next OZ Trails adventure: 

Bentonville/Bella Vista:



You’ll have a blast when you rent an e-mountain bike in the land of OZ!

Stevie Emmons

After living in Frisco, Texas, for nearly 15 years, Stevie and her husband, Joe, moved to Bentonville in 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas and has five years of marketing experience in tourism and economic development. Her personal interests include photography, cooking, and all things dog-related. She and her husband spend their free time riding mountain bike trails, watching movies, and enjoying time on the patio at their favorite restaurants.