Coler’s Rock Solid: Separating the Bros from the Pros

Cycling in the Ozarks is known for its rock. Endlessformations of karst, boulders and morphing limestone have created a rugged but rideable palette millions of years in the making.

With Rock Solid, the trailbuilders of ColerMontain Bike Preserve in Bentonville have made their own mark on thelandscape, tricking out what Mother Nature gave them into a near-perfect,year-round rides for the ages.

When it comes to Coler, its best not to judge abook by its cover. The map shows a small footprint, but it packs a world-classpunch. And as the preserve continues to be built out, many see it as the newstandard in family and multi-skill level group riding.

To access the trail, grab your bike and head toward The Hub, a steel and wood launch pad rising from the summit. Once you reach altitude, the hubs acts as a jump-off for a number of different chutes, none more challenging than the half-mile Rock Solid, a double black diamond downhill track.

Rock Solid is a go-to for those wanting to test abike or dial-in suspension. Rock Solid is a staple of the ArkansasEnduro Series, and while visitors might scoff at the length of the trail, don’t knock it ‘til you try it. A half-mile is all it takes to leave you wondering what just happened, before preparing for round two with a little more moxie.

Locals will tell you that this trail separates the“bros from the pros,” and its advised that new visitors gauge their abilities on Rock Soft before graduating to Rock Solid.

Fast and technical, the route travels along the west side of the preserve, dotted with rooty terrain, rocky plates and endlesso ptional lines. Proper tire placement and the ability to keep momentum is key ifyou want to make a clean sweep through the trail.

Prepare yourself for off-camber ledges and a number of big drops on the ride down before finishing through a massive“rock-armored” switchback.

Think you’ve conquered all when it comes to epic trail? Then it’s time to etch your name and your tread into Coler’s Rock Solid.