They say reverse psychology is a hell of a temptation, and it’s almost certainly what Coler Mountain Bike Preserve’s trail builders, NWA Trailblazers, and Progressive Trail Design were thinking when they dreamt up Cease and Desist.
With a name that screams “Stay back!” this monster downhill jump line practically dares advanced riders to dip under the proverbial police tape and see what all the fuss is about. 
The Coler system itself is a new and pristine edition to the regional biking scene. Open only since 2018, it offers 300 acres and 16 miles of jumps, flow, cross-country, rock, dual slalom and flyover features for riders ranging from beginner to expert.
At its summit rises the Peak One Hub, a structure that propels thrill-seekers with a boost of speed and gravity down multiple chutes—a choose your own adventure for the cycling set.
One such chute is Cease and Desist, a .7 mile race to the bottom with epic hand and machine-cut berms and rollers, along with several big features, including tabletops, mandatory gaps and massive jumps.
Beyond the tricked-out trails, Coler is brimming with off-the-saddle features. Get excited for campsites, bike wash stations, stone fire pits and pavilions, soon to open, all in close proximity to downtown Bentonville..
Whether you’re a local with a taste for adrenaline or a visitor looking for the next big ride to check off your list, think about serving yourself a little Cease and Desist.